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Main assets

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 September 21, 2016

Nornickel receives high award at Infosecurity Russia 2016

 September 16, 2016

Nornickel delivers further Environmental Enhancement Project – Nadezhda Plant Tailings Pipeline in place

 September 15, 2016

Nornickel announces launch of contest among social projects

 September 08, 2016

The Daldykan River photo: the river and its mainstream are in regular condition and show the natural color

 August 11, 2016

Polar Construction Company Opens Training Ground for Work at Height

 August 10, 2016

Kola MMC transports sulfuric acid in innovative rolling stock

 August 09, 2016

Thickeners underflow heating unit was assembled at Norilsk Concentrator

 July 28, 2016

Crane trestle is under construction at smelting shop of Kola MMC

 July 25, 2016

Copper Plant started planned maintenance of Vanukov furnace and flue gas stack

 July 25, 2016

New vertical mills are under commissioning at Talnakh Concentrator

 July 12, 2016

Nornickel published Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015

 July 05, 2016

Norilsk Operations receive Volvo trucks

 June 30, 2016

Mayak mine to be equipped with alcohol detecting turnstiles until the end of the year

 June 30, 2016

Kola MMC has completed repair of the gas duct

 June 30, 2016

Nornickel Replenishes Fish Reserves in Krasnoyarsk Krai

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